This time, I’ll talk about tattoos. Being such a big and controversial part from our society, is impossible not to talk about it. Since forever, tattoos have being part of the human society, coming from, cultural, spiritual, personal, and many other reasons, even… just for fashion. In this western culture, in many cases, everyday less, … Continue reading


Bongs, water pipes (not all water pipes are bongs), bubblers… name it the way you want, we all love them. The first bongs were invented by the Chinese in the 16th century, The had two types, bamboo and metal. These days are made of glass, acrylic, ceramic, and sometimes wood. Experienced smokers prefer glass, for … Continue reading

Moby Dick

This is a famous plant from Spain. Very easy to grow; it has a spicy and intense flavour, with a complex effect. Flowering Time: Indoor: 9 weeks (with a yield up to 800 gr/m2.) Outdoor: By the first week of October in the north. Production Can reach 1200 gr/plant (outdoor) Benefits (helps relieve) Stress Lack … Continue reading


Hello there!!!! This time I bring you this beautiful strain, Godberry. A fruty indica, easy to grow, with great benefits. Flowering time Indoors: 55 days Outdoors: End of September in the north. Hight Indoors: 1m – 1.20m Outdoors: 1.80m Benefits Relieves: Pain Stress Anxiety Nausea Muscle Spasms Effects (Patients might feel) Euphoric Tingly Giggly Uplifted … Continue reading

Best Weed Documentary Ever

I have been wondering what would be appropriate for the first post on this blog, and after explaining a little about why this blog, this video will say the rest.

This all started with the union of the minds of two remarkably good citizens of the world, who are against the system but know how to play with it (or at least are learning) and are quite sure that spreading the word things might change for better for all of us.

Shearing words, ideas, pictures, videos, info, and other stuff… we’ll talk about music, tattoos, life, the things that make it awesome, and of course weed (mainly), that little spice on our lives that makes everything smoother, happier, healthier and tons of other things, that this video which in my very own opinion every single human being should watch.

Create your own opinions, share, talk, listen, do this or that, but never stop learning and making the world or at least somebody’s world a better place.